New Vulkan Assistant Layer Highlights Development Best Practices.

LunarG creates tools to help simplify Vulkan development. We leveraged the new Vulkan Layer Factory to create the Vulkan Assistant Layer, a layer that helps developers identify Vulkan best practices.  This tool is available with Vulkan SDK


The Vulkan Assistant Layer — VK_LAYER_LUNARG_assistant_layer — functions as a Vulkan best practices layer and is intended to highlight potential performance issues, questionable usage patterns, common mistakes, and items that may lead to application problems that are not specifically prohibited by the Vulkan specification. The Vulkan Assistant Layer can be found as part of the LunarG Vulkan SDK.


This layer ideally will be run periodically along with normal validation checks so that issues may be identified and addressed in early stages of development.


The specific areas covered by this layer are currently tracked in Github Issue #1612: Best Practices/Assistant/Performance Layer. You can request additional checks by posting through the same issue, or by creating a new Github issue. Current status is tracked here as well. This layer has been created with the Vulkan Layer Factory, and third-party contributions are welcome!

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