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Providing Layer and Extension Development for OpenXR

If your company needs help with developing API layers, drafting extensions, developing runtimes, or testing runtime implementations and applications for the OpenXR API, LunarG can assist you. OpenXR is a new open-source software standard developed by the Khronos® community that provides developers with high-performance access to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)—collectively known as XR—platforms and devices. The new OpenXR standard provides the specification to create develop-once applications and games that can run across multiple hardware platforms with minimal modifications.

OpenXR is the interface between an application and an in-process or out-of-process “XR runtime.” The runtime handles such functionality as frame composition, view re-projection, headset management, and head and hand tracking information.

Optionally, a runtime may support device layer plugins that allow access to a variety of hardware across a commonly defined interface.

Benefits of OpenXR

Promotes adoption of AR/VR by helping to eliminate confusion and fragmentation of different companies developing their own APIs

Enables games and other applications written to the OpenXR standard to work across a variety of hardware platforms without having to port or re-write code or develop proprietary SDKs

Greatly increases developer productivity; opens AR/VR solution providers to larger revenue options with multi-platform support

Provides platform vendors that support OpenXR with access to more applications

OpenXR Services

LunarG provides a wide range of OpenXR services. We provide optional support and warranties for our services, so you can rest assured your solution will continue to work smoothly after launch.

Write a custom OpenXR API layer

Draft extensions for new OpenXR functionality, representing the client in the working group

Write an OpenXR runtime

Provide testing for OpenXR runtime implementation and applications

Write a device plugin for OpenXR

Debug and/or profile to optimize OpenXR programs

Deliver beginner/intermediate OpenXR training

A Few Reasons to Choose LunarG

  • LunarG is an active member of the working group that’s dedicated to the OpenXR standard definition within the Khronos consortium
  • LunarG developed the initial loader, apidump and validation API layers, and an open source implementation of an overlay extension
  • Our expertise in software engineering and project management
  • Our ability to tailor our solutions and support to your needs
  • Our quality and timeliness
  • Our professionalism

Benefits of Using Our Services

  • Can reduce time to market of your solution
  • We can represent your needs to the OpenXR working group
  • Provides your company with the additional resources you need to get a job done
  • Offers you deep expertise in OpenXR

Our Work with the Khronos Group

LunarG has a long-standing partnership with the Khronos Group, a technology consortium that works to develop advanced, royalty-free, acceleration standards for Augmented and Virtual Reality. LunarG is also actively involved in influencing the OpenXR specification process, and in representing its clients’ needs at OpenXR Working Group meetings.

White Paper

Overlays in OpenXR

LunarG released an open source implementation of the experimental XR_EXTX_overlay extension, introduced in OpenXR 1.0.8.  Refer to the following document for a description of the project.


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