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The 3D Graphics Software Services and Solutions Experts

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, LunarG is a professional services organization that delivers 3D graphics software services and solutions. We are well known for providing high-quality open source and proprietary solutions in the areas of 3D graphics-related drivers, tools, applications, shader compilers, and software development kits (SDKs).

Our Industry-Leading Software
Engineering Consultants

LunarG has assembled a highly experienced team of industry-leading 3D graphics software engineering consultants. All our software engineers have been highly vetted for their professional experience and technical knowledge. Our team has a proven track record for delivering innovative, state-of-the-art 3D graphics software, services, tools and drivers on time and on budget.

Decades of Experience Working in the 3D Graphics Industry

LunarG’s developers have decades of experience creating innovative, high-quality, high-performance graphics and GPU driver services for a wide variety of 3D graphics challenges.

Our breadth of experience includes:

  • Open-source and proprietary application development
  • Application performance and tuning
  • Application feature development in OpenGL®
  • OpenXR™ spec, loader, and layer development
  • Vulkan® ecosystem development: loader, validation layers, utility layers – supporting Linux, Windows®, Android™, and macOS®
  • Vulkan tools development
  • Vulkan SDK development and curation
  • Shader compiler optimization
  • Mesa graphics regression testing system development
  • Khronos® working group participation and contributions

Highly Specialized Expertise

Our expertise is in software engineering and project management. Our specialties include: Vulkan, OpenXR, OpenGL, SPIR-V™, GLSL, shader compilers, performance tuning and optimization, 3D graphics driver development and tuning, video and display controllers, and ecosystem and tools development.

Experience Working with Companies in Multiple Industries

We have experience working with both independent hardware vendors (IHVs) and independent software vendors (ISVs) for game console, desktop, mobile, and embedded platforms.

Strong Partnership with the Khronos Group

LunarG has and maintains a strong partnership with the Khronos Group, a technology consortium that works to develop advanced, royalty-free, acceleration standards for 3D graphics. This partnership enables us to continually develop Khronos-related solutions and also represent our clients’ needs to the Khronos community. LunarG is an active participant in open source working groups for open standards ecosystems such as Vulkan, SPIR-V, OpenGL and OpenXR. This enables us to stay up to date on all the latest open source standards so we can deliver the best solutions and services to our clients.

Khronos Group Award

In 2017, The Khronos Group, a non-profit technology consortium, presented LunarG’s CEO and Director of Engineering, Karen Ghavam, with a Khronie award for her (and the LunarG team’s) contributions to Vulkan. These contributions included the first SDK and validation layers.

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