About LunarG, Inc.

LunarG is passionate about 3D graphics technology. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, the company brings together a team of industry-leading 3D software experts with an excellent record of providing state-of-the-art drivers, tools, and services. LunarG offers these services to organizations that want high-performance, innovative 3D graphics solutions.

3D Graphics Software Experts

With decades of experience working in the 3D graphics industry, LunarG’s developers create high-quality, high-performance solutions for a wide variety of 3D graphics challenges.

We have developed solutions for the open-source community as well as proprietary applications. Our breadth of experience ranges from 3D driver optimization and development, to shader-compiler technologies, OpenGL enhancements, and the LunarG Vulkan SDK.


Our specialties include: 3D Graphics Driver Development, 3D Graphics Driver Tuning, Video and Display Controllers, Shader Compilers, OpenGL, GLSL, Vulkan API, and SPIR-V


LunarG offers 3D graphics development and GPU driver consulting services to Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) for game console, desktop, mobile, and embedded platforms.

We are committed to the success of our customers. LunarG has an excellent track record of providing state-of-the-art 3D graphics innovations on time and on budget.

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