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Vulkan Software Development Services

Regardless of what type of Vulkan solution or service you need, our 3D graphics software engineering team can help you make the most of Vulkan. That’s because LunarG has extensive knowledge of Vulkan, which we’ve gained by:

  • Developing Vulkan ecosystem tools
  • Developing the de facto Vulkan SDK, Vulkan loader, Validation Layer, and many Vulkan tools
  • Developing and porting Vulkan drivers for new hardware architectures
  • Working in close cooperation with IHVs to bring quality products to market

We also back all our development work up with optional support and warranties, so you can take comfort in knowing the solutions we create with you will continue to run and operate smoothly long after you launch them.

Furthermore, we’re actively involved in the Khronos® Group, a non-profit technology consortium of hardware and software companies that work together to develop 3D graphics standards such as Vulkan. Because of this, we’re well versed in the standards process and in actively representing our clients’ needs to the Khronos community.

Benefits of Vulkan

Optimizes performance on modern platforms, including desktop, console, mobile, and embedded

Extends capabilities with modular layers for debugging, validation, and more

Reduces driver complexity for lean, low‐overhead efficiency and better performance

Harnesses multi-threading to scale workloads to as many CPU cores as needed

Enables one-time application development to run across multiple operating systems and GPUs from different vendors (i.e., to write once and run across many)

Expands your systems environment with support for multiple platforms such as Windows®, Linux, macOS® and Android™

Vulkan 3D Graphics Software Engineering and Consulting Services

LunarG offers a wide variety of Vulkan-related services, including:

Vulkan Software and Tools

Whether you need help to architect, develop, or troubleshoot a proprietary or open source implementation, our developers will work with you to find the best solution.

Validation Layer Development

The layered design of Vulkan provides a common, extensible architecture to insert layers for code validation, debugging, profiling, and many other creative uses. As the developer of many Vulkan ecosystem tools and layers, LunarG can help you create custom layers and tools. Once your validation layer work is complete, the layer can be removed, allowing for faster performance at run time.

Porting Applications to Vulkan

We can assist you with porting a 3D graphic application to Vulkan as well as completing the necessary testing.

Application Performance
Analysis and Tuning

If you have a 3D application that isn’t performing well, the LunarG team can help you analyze and improve performance.

Developing or Adapting a Vulkan Driver

Our team can create high‐performance, high‐efficiency proprietary 3D drivers for the next generation of devices and hardware. Or, if you need to adapt an open‐source Vulkan driver, LunarG will work with you to find the best solution.

Vulkan Driver Performance
Analysis and Tuning

LunarG can apply a library of Vulkan traces of select application workloads that can be played back to analyze and improve the performance and quality of your graphics driver.

Vulkan SDK

The first and most comprehensive Vulkan SDK includes everything you need to get started in the Vulkan API development environment.

We are proud to partner with Khronos to bring the most up-to-date knowledge of and best practices for Vulkan to the open source community.

A Few Reasons to Choose LunarG

  • Our Vulkan experience with open standards and ecosystems, as demonstrated by our active participation in the creation of Vulkan since before it publicly launched
  • Our ability to tailor our solutions and support to meet your specific needs
  • Our expertise in software engineering and project management
  • Our quality and timeliness
  • Our professionalism

Benefits of Using Our Services

  • Enables your company to quickly tap into a wealth of Vulkan development expertise
  • Provides your company with the additional engineering resources it needs to get a project completed on time

Our Work with the Khronos Group

LunarG has a long-standing partnership with the Khronos Group, a technology consortium that works to develop advanced, royalty-free, acceleration standards for 3D graphics. LunarG is also actively involved in influencing the Vulkan specification process, and in representing its clients’ needs at Vulkan Working Group meetings.

White Paper

Vulkan GPU-Assisted Validation

Several Vulkan game developers and hardware vendors on the Khronos Vulkan Advisory Panel needed a solution for code that could detect invalid shader computations on the GPU. LunarG took on the project.

The solution now enables Vulkan game developers and hardware vendors to find and correct invalid shader computations on the GPU that previously could not be detected, such as out-of-bounds indices into descriptor arrays. Learn more about GPU-Assisted Validation and how developers can use it.

Download White Paper

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