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Have questions about LunarG, the Vulkan® SDK, available Vulkan® ecosystem tools to help developers tune graphics performance, or OpenXR™? If so, below are some frequently asked questions and answers by area.

  • Develop Vulkan® drivers
  • Customize graphics drivers
  • Architect solutions
  • Consult on custom projects
  • Engineer new features and functionality
  • Develop tools in the graphics API ecosystem
  • Port engines from OpenGL or DirectX® to Vulkan®
  • Deliver support, quality, and feature enhancements to 3D graphics-software-related, open-source projects
  • Analyze software performance and tune code to improve performance
LunarG performs work for a wide variety of companies:
  • Fortune 100 hardware and software companies in the semiconductor or computing industries, especially those using GPUs in their solutions
  • Game development companies in the gaming industry
  • Small startups looking for consulting services and to add expertise on a contract basis
  • Companies of all sizes adding support for the Vulkan® graphics API and needing to develop tools, validation layers, or other ecosystem components
Clients that require specialized, graphics engineering expertise and/or additional engineering resources beyond those currently available at their company. LunarG engineers can tackle a project alone or work alongside your team.
Graphics software engineers with expertise in 3D graphics, shader, and compute technologies, such as Vulkan®, DirectX, GLSL, OpenXR, SPIR-V™, OpenGL, and OpenCL™. Our engineers develop in Windows®, Linux, Android™, and macOS® environments.
  • Focus on 3D graphics, shader, and compute technologies
  • A dedicated and collaborative team of software engineering experts that are passionately creating innovative solutions and services
LunarG has developed a variety of resources to aid in creating Vulkan applications. The following tools are available:
  • Vulkan® loader (for Linux and macOS)
  • Validation layers
  • Vulkan Profiles
  • Vulkaninfo
  • GFXReconstruct (capture and replay)
  • Vulkan® Configurator (vkconfig)
  • API dump
  • FPS Monitor
  • Screenshot
  • Vulkan® Installation Analyzer (VIA)
  • SPIR-V toolchain contributions
Yes. LunarG makes the ecosystem tools available in the Vulkan® SDK.
The Vulkan® SDK provides you with a variety of resources to aid in creating Vulkan® applications. The SDK includes:
  • Vulkan® loader (for Linux and macOS)
  • Validation layers
  • Vulkan® Configurator
  • Capture and replay tools
  • SPIR­-V™ tools
  • Documentation, samples, tutorial, and demos
  • VIA (Vulkan® Installation Analyzer)
  • Additional layers such as screenshot, API_dump, FPS overlay monitor, and the Device Simulation Layer

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