Proprietary and Open Source Graphics Software Services for Multiple Industries

LunarG has worked with Fortune 100 companies as well as innovative startups in a number of industries to provide advanced 3D graphics software services and expertise. Whether your organization is big or small, our software development services can provide the expertise you need to design, develop, and tune both proprietary and open source graphics software and drivers.

Industries and Sample Use Cases

GPU Support

Current and future games and other graphics-intensive applications are pushing the limits of today’s GPU hardware on PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. As a result, companies are under more pressure than ever to continually deliver new devices with industry-leading graphics performance and functionality. This effort requires continuous improvement in drivers and tools needed to leverage the hardware to its fullest capacity.

Sample Use Cases: Custom drivers, tools, or software for discrete or embedded GPU development for PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Video Gaming

Delivering new games that have exceptional 3D graphics is crucial to a video gaming company’s revenue and profitability. But, since software development schedules can be hard to predict, sometimes these studios need more software engineering resources to help them complete a project on time.

Sample Use Cases: Developing the Vulkan® ecosystem tools (SDK, validation layers, capture/replay tools), developing new game engines, graphics engines using Vulkan, and converting existing DirectX®-based game engines or games to Vulkan (Vulkan wrapper).

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences can be difficult to create. For companies in this industry to succeed long term, they must continually create more AR/VR content for users. To reach more users with less investment, companies strive to streamline the process of developing different versions of the AR/VR experience for multiple target platforms. The Khronos® OpenXR™ standard aspires to help companies with this problem; however to take advantage of OpenXR, companies need software engineers who understand how to develop OpenXR-based solutions.

Sample Use Cases: Helping an engineering team get started with OpenXR, championing new features by recommending changes/additions to the OpenXR specification, developing OpenXR layers or developer tools, assisting with Vulkan layers and developer tools, and conducting performance testing and software optimization.


Applications created by companies in engineering fields often use 3D graphics to visually show information to users of an application. These applications are graphically intensive and often support 3D modeling, the layout and animation of 3D objects, and 3D rendering.

Sample Use Cases: Writing new applications using OpenGL® or Vulkan, modifying existing applications to take advantage of Vulkan API benefits, analyzing and optimizing graphics performance of existing applications, and adding new features to existing 3D applications.

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