Vulkan Mesa Graphics Driver Developers: check out LunarG’s expanded regression test suite for OpenGL and Vulkan

LunarG released the OpenGL Mesa Graphics driver regression test suite in November 2017. We have now added the ability to test Vulkan Mesa Graphics drivers to this tool.

The LunarG test system is a service that provides regular regression testing on Mesa releases for Intel and AMD OpenGL graphics drivers, and now also supports Vulkan. Users can also test their own Vulkan Mesa builds and can compare results to LunarG baselines, LunarG test runs, or other user test runs.

The test suite is a collection of trace files created from Linux Vulkan games from Steam. These trace files are used to automate testing of rendering correctness as well as game performance. The full suite of games typically runs overnight with results posted the next day.

Click here for the regression test services manual and access to the new Vulkan Mesa Graphics Driver regression test suite. Please let us know how it works for you.

For more information about LunarG, Inc., go here.

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