Valve + LunarG Launch Graphics Testing Service for Mesa Developers

LunarG has been hard at work developing the LunarG Mesa Graphics Testing Service. Today we’re happy to announce with Valve that we’re making the service available to the Mesa development community.


Valve has been using this system internally for quite some time, but we’ve recently done some more work so the results could also be publicly available for the community to track regressions, and for developers to be able to submit their branches for pre-submit testing.

The LunarG test system is a service that provides regular regression testing on Mesa releases for Intel and AMD OpenGL graphics drivers. It also enables users to test their own Mesa builds and compare results to LunarG baselines, LunarG test runs, or user test runs.

The objective of the LunarG Graphics Testing Service for Mesa is to identify regressions in performance or rendering for Mesa releases and developer’s branches that would negatively impact the gaming experience.

The test suite is a collection of trace files created from hundreds of Linux OpenGL games from Steam. These trace files are used to automate testing of rendering correctness as well as game performance. There are currently six graphics platforms available for test (three configurations each of Intel and AMD graphics). The full suite of games typically runs overnight with results posted the next day.

Tips for Using the Test System

To access the test system and browse results: (click on “Test System)” on the left.

Here’s an example of a test report that a Mesa bug could possibly be filed from after inspection:


To learn more about how the test system works, read the short user manual:

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions. Vulkan support is planned for the future, but not ready quite yet.

Special thanks to Valve for their sponsorship of this tool.

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