Use SPIR-V tools for Vulkan compliant shaders

Vulkan developers: Are you generating SPIR-V shaders from HLSL using glslangValidator built from

In order to guarantee that your SPIR-V is legal for Vulkan, you must now include spirv-tools when building glslang. This can be done by running located in the glslang home directory before the configuration cmake step. This clones the latest “known-good” version of spirv-tools into the glslang/External directory.

If spirv-tools is not included in glslang, a warning is printed during the configuration cmake call stating that illegal SPIR-V may be generated for HLSL shaders.

Starting with the next LunarG Vulkan SDK release, the glslangValidator executable included in the SDK will be built with spirv-tools included.

The SPIR-V is made legal by using spirv-opt, the optimizer from spirv-tools. The HLSL shading language requires certain optimizations to allow for generation of SPIR-V that is legal for Vulkan.

The optimizer in glslang can be disabled with the -Od option, although the resulting SPIR-V may not be legal for Vulkan if generated from HLSL.

Note that the optimizer in glslang is not invoked for GLSL shaders by default. If you wish to optimize SPIR-V for size, glslang now offers the -Os option. This can be invoked when compiling from both HLSL and GLSL shaders. This option is only available if spirv-tools was included during the glslang build.

Complete instructions for building glslang can be found in the file in the glslang home directory.

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