New White Paper: Benefits of Using the Vulkan SDK

The Vulkan SDK components come from open-source repositories. While it is feasible to develop Vulkan applications without using the Vulkan SDK, there are many benefits to installing it, such as access to:

  • An installation process that is easy and fast
  • Vetted and curated content to ensure compatibility and seamless integration
  • Ready-to-use versions of the Vulkan Configurator
  • An optional updated Vulkan Runtime for Windows environments
  • SDK release notes and user documentation
  • A License Registry that details all of the licenses included by the SDK components
  • Complete package of available shader toolchain tools
  • The most up-to-date set of Linux Vulkan components
  • All necessary macOS binaries pre-built with an option for system-level installation of MoltenVK as an ICD

This white paper explains these benefits. Click here to read the white paper.

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