New Vulkan SDK Version Query and Unattended Download Features

For developers who need unattended downloads and installs of  Vulkan SDKs, we have a solution! This solution also provides a programmatic way to determine all the contributing Vulkan repositories and their commits or branches. 

Unattended Downloads and Installs of Vulkan SDKs

Developers may need to do unattended downloads and installs of Vulkan SDKs. There is an API available from the Vulkan SDK Download site, also known as LunarXchange, that allows these queries and unattended installs. The API is documented on LunarXchange on the SDK page. See the link “SDK version query and download API.”

Programmatic Versioning of SDK Repositories

In addition, within the release notes for each SDK, all of the contributing repositories and their commits and/or branches are documented. Developers may need a programmatic way to detect the SDK versions to ascertain if a newer version is available. You can use this same API to download a config.json file that documents the commits and/or branches for each repository used to build the SDK components.

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