New Vulkan SDK License Registry White Paper

LunarG delivers the Vulkan SDK for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It’s free to use the SDK. We’ve received inquiries from users who want to know the license agreements for the SDK components.

The Vulkan SDK is comprised of tools and layers from 13 different open source repositories that are built, integrated, tested, and packaged for installation on the user’s system. Every tool or layer is built from source with multiple open-source licenses. It isn’t appropriate to assign a license to the SDK itself since that would be re-attributing a license to all of the SDK components; so the SDK itself is “unlicensed.” Providing proper attribution for every component requires that we be able to report the exact licensing for each component. Customers may also need to understand low-level licensing details to assess the SDK for installation in their corporate environments.

The Vulkan SDK Registry is LunarG’s method of communicating license information for all of the SDK components.

Click here to read the white paper about the Vulkan SDK License Registry.

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