LunarG Donates LunarG Vulkan SDK to Khronos Working Group

LunarG donates the Vulkan SDK to Khronos to promote a unified Vulkan ecosystem and enable wider collaboration on SDK development.

LunarG Collaboration with Khronos

Today, LunarG strengthens its collaboration with Khronos by opening its desktop SDK build and packaging scripts to the Vulkan Working Group.  This step enables all working group members to collaborate in supporting and evolving a unified Vulkan SDK that can serve the needs of the industry, while avoiding fragmentation in the Vulkan ecosystem.

LunarG plays a central role in developing and supporting the desktop Vulkan SDK, and will continue to host and maintain the Vulkan SDK download site, now with the additional support and resources of Vulkan Working Group members.

As the first step in this transition, the look and feel of the Vulkan SDK download site (formerly called LunarXchange) is now consistent with other Khronos Vulkan online resources, emphasizing the unified support and development of the desktop SDK by LunarG and the Vulkan Working Group.

More information

For more information about the Khronos Group and the Vulkan API, click here.

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