LunarG improves user experience of vulkaninfo program

LunarG updated the vulkaninfo program to improve the user experience. This program is located in the Vulkan SDK available on the LunarXchange website. Two changes were made to vulkaninfo — the addition of the 1) –html and 2) -j and –json options. […]

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LunarG releases new SDK for Vulkan 1.1!

LunarG releases a new Linux/Windows SDK that supports Vulkan API revision 1.1.70, and is backward-compatible with Vulkan 1.0.70. The prior LunarG Linux/Windows SDK release supported Vulkan API revision 1.0.68. Read on for an overview of new features in the release and links to the release notes and the SDK. Refer to the release notes for driver [...]

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LunarG releases Vulkan SDK for Mac

LunarG releases the first Vulkan SDK for Mac. Valve, LunarG, and the Brenwill Workshop join forces with Khronos to release the first open source SDK for Mac. For more information about the partnership that made this SDK possible, go to this Khronos release. This SDK supports Vulkan API revision 1.0.69 on macOS (MoltenVK subset). [...]

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New Vulkan Assistant Layer Highlights Best Practices

  New Vulkan Assistant Layer Highlights Development Best Practices. LunarG creates tools to help simplify Vulkan development. We leveraged the new Vulkan Layer Factory to create the Vulkan Assistant Layer, a layer that helps developers identify Vulkan best practices.  This tool is available with Vulkan SDK […]

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LunarG’s VLF simplifies Vulkan validation layer creation

Vulkan Layer Factory simplifies Vulkan validation layer creation. LunarG creates tools to help simplify Vulkan development. The LunarG Vulkan Layer Factory (VLF), our latest offering, is a framework based on the canonical Vulkan layer model that facilitates the creation of Vulkan Layers.  […]

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Extend your Vulkan test coverage with free LunarG Device Simulation tool

Do you have a test lab with examples of all the GPUs you hope your application will support? Is your Vulkan application stress-tested to ensure it behaves correctly across the wide range of hardware available in the marketplace? If either answer is "no,” LunarG offers a free tool that could extend your test coverage and [...]

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