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Vulkan Mesa Graphics Driver Developers: check out LunarG’s expanded regression test suite for OpenGL and Vulkan

LunarG released the OpenGL Mesa Graphics driver regression test suite in November 2017. We have now added the ability to test Vulkan Mesa Graphics drivers to this tool. The LunarG test system is a service that provides regular regression testing on Mesa releases for Intel and AMD OpenGL graphics drivers, and now also supports Vulkan. [...]

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Help Prioritize LunarG Vulkan Ecosystem Projects

Using or learning the Vulkan API? Take a few minutes to share your experiences and prioritize the needs of the Vulkan ecosystem through this anonymous survey.  The data will help prioritize future improvements to the LunarG Vulkan SDK and other ecosystem components. Click Read More to find the survey link. […]

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LunarG improves user experience of vulkaninfo program

LunarG updated the vulkaninfo program to improve the user experience. This program is located in the Vulkan SDK available on the LunarXchange website. Two changes were made to vulkaninfo — the addition of the 1) –html and 2) -j and –json options. […]

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LunarG releases new SDK for Vulkan 1.1!

LunarG releases a new Linux/Windows SDK that supports Vulkan API revision 1.1.70, and is backward-compatible with Vulkan 1.0.70. The prior LunarG Linux/Windows SDK release supported Vulkan API revision 1.0.68. Read on for an overview of new features in the release and links to the release notes and the SDK. Refer to the release notes for driver [...]

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