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Have questions about LunarG, the Vulkan® SDK, available Vulkan® ecosystem tools to help developers tune graphics performance, or OpenXR™? If so, below are some frequently asked questions and answers by area.

SPIR-V tools are included with the Vulkan® SDK. Examples of existing tools are: an optimizer, a disassembler, an assembler, a validator, and a remapper. See the SDK documentation on the Vulkan® SDK download site for a current list of available SPIR-V tools (https://vulkan.lunarg.com/doc/sdk/latest/windows/spirv_toolchain.html).
Documentation for the Vulkan® SDK is available on the Vulkan® SDK download site. It includes:
  • Getting started with the Vulkan® SDK
  • Vulkan® tools framework (Loaders, Layers, Validation Layer Details)
  • Tools and additional layers
  • Vulkan® docs (Spec, Man page, Samples)
LunarG curates the Vulkan® SDK by providing ongoing maintenance for the loader and validation layers and ongoing development to produce samples, other tools, and new layers. For SDK-related support from LunarG, submit issues on the Vulkan® SDK download site.

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