Device Buffer Address Validation Added to Vulkan GPU-AV White Paper

LunarG updates the GPU-Assisted Validation white paper to reflect two new additions: 1) buffer device address validation and 2) information about the compatibility of line and source info generated by dxc as it would be consumed by the GPU-Assisted validation. LunarG originally released GPU-Assisted validation with the Vulkan SDK 1.1.97. These two new features are released with Vulkan SDK 1.1.121. Read on for more information about this new validation and its description in the updated LunarG GPU-Assisted Validation white paper.

GPU-Assisted Validation involves using the GPU to check for API usage errors at shader execution time. These on-GPU checks can’t always find general shader program logic errors but can detect certain run-time problems like out-of-bounds (OOB) indexing into descriptor arrays and accessing invalid descriptors. This feature’s design is intended to allow the developer to use nearly the same validation layer workflow on the GPU as on the CPU. This white paper discusses the types of GPU-assisted validation that have been implemented to date in a validation layer. The white paper explains the concept of GPU-assisted validation and how a developer can use it.

Check out the latest version of the LunarG GPU-Assisted Validation white paper.

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