2020 Vulkan Ecosystem & SDK Survey – 2021 Year-End Results

In November of 2020, LunarG conducted a Vulkan ecosystem survey. Many Vulkan developers shared their requests for improvements. LunarG took those suggestions to heart and made many enhancements to the Vulkan ecosystem this year. We’ve prepared a report for the Vulkan developer community that summarizes our work. Read on for more information.

Annual LunarG Vulkan Ecosystem and SDK Survey

LunarG conducts an annual survey of the Vulkan developer community to collect feedback on the health of the SDK and ecosystem. The results of that original November 2020 survey can be found here.


There were open-ended questions in the original survey along with the ability to add comments to any of the questions throughout the survey. Through these open-ended questions, there were many requests for additions and enhancements to Vulkan ecosystem tools. LunarG created projects to address many of the developer suggestions from the survey.

To learn more about the results of these projects and see the rest of the list, check out the LunarG report that itemizes key requests from the survey and reports on the status of those requests.

Click here to read the Vulkan Ecosystem and SDK Survey – 2021 Year-End Summary.

More information about LunarG

LunarG’s software engineering experts create innovative products and services for open source and commercial customers using leading-edge 3D graphics and compute technologies, including OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenXR, and SPIR-V. We have strengths in performance analysis and tuning, runtime and tools development, shader optimizations, driver development, and porting engines and applications to Vulkan. Our software engineering team is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. LunarG was founded by software experts who are passionate about 3D graphics.

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