LunarG Releases First Vulkan™ SDK for Windows® and Linux Operating Systems

LunarG Releases the First Vulkan™ SDK for Windows® and Linux Operating Systems

Comprehensive SDK Helps Organizations Develop to the Next Generation of 3D Graphics

FORT COLLINS, Colo., February 16, 2016 – LunarG, Inc. today announced the release of the first Vulkan™ Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows® and Linux operating systems. The SDK includes the resources developers need to get started creating the next generation of 3D graphics applications.

“This is an historic moment in the 3D graphics industry, and Vulkan will set the foundation for graphics and compute APIs for years to come,” said Karen Ghavam, CEO of LunarG. “We are excited to release the Vulkan SDK to the developer community to jump-start their work in creating amazing 3D visual experiences for their customers.”

LunarG has worked closely with Valve Corporation and members of the Khronos™ Group, an industry consortium of leading software and hardware vendors responsible for the Vulkan specification. Valve sponsored LunarG to provide this prepackaged SDK with access to open-source tools as well as technical support for game developers and others bringing their 3D engines and applications to the new Vulkan API.

The LunarG Vulkan SDK delivers the development and runtime components for building, running, and debugging Vulkan applications. It includes the Vulkan loader, Vulkan layers, debugging tools, SPIR-V™ tools for shading language flexibility, the Vulkan run time installer, documentation, sample code, and demos.


The open-source and freely available SDK can be downloaded from the LunarXchange portal at For more information about the Vulkan SDK from LunarG, visit

About Vulkan

The first new graphics API since the release of OpenGL® more than 20 years ago, the Vulkan API minimizes driver overhead and enables direct GPU control. A key advantage of Vulkan over OpenGL is the ability to generate GPU work with many CPU threads. Vulkan is particularly useful for CPU-bound developers, which can occur in diverse application domains such as games, computer-aided design, and mobile apps.

About LunarG, Inc.

LunarG is passionate about 3D graphics technology. Headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, the company brings together a team of industry-leading 3D software experts with an excellent record of providing state-of-the-art drivers, tools, and services. LunarG offers these services to ISVs, IHVs, and others who want high-performance, innovative 3D graphics solutions.

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