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Have questions about LunarG, the Vulkan® SDK, available Vulkan® ecosystem tools to help developers tune graphics performance, or OpenXR™? If so, below are some frequently asked questions and answers by area.

Documentation for the Vulkan® SDK is available on the Vulkan® SDK download site. It includes:
  • Getting started with the Vulkan® SDK
  • Vulkan® tools framework (Loaders, Layers, Validation Layer Details)
  • Tools and additional layers
  • Vulkan® docs (Spec, Man page, Samples)
LunarG curates the Vulkan® SDK by providing ongoing maintenance for the loader and validation layers and ongoing development to produce samples, other tools, and new layers. For SDK-related support from LunarG, submit issues on the Vulkan® SDK download site.
OpenXR is a Khronos royalty-free, open standard that provides high-performance access to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) -- collectively known as XR -- platforms and devices.
OpenXR strives to allow developers to create cross-platform experiences by simplifying AR and VR software development with the goal of enabling applications to reach a wider range of hardware platforms without the need to re-write code or port to new platforms.
LunarG has participated on the OpenXR Working Group since its inception. LunarG developed the initial loader, apidump and validation API layers, and an open source implementation of an overlay extension. LunarG is currently supporting multiple clients with OpenXR projects.

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