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A Proven OpenGL Development Team

LunarG has a proven track record of OpenGL API work, both in proprietary and open‐source platforms.

LunarG has actively contributed to many OpenGL projects such as GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language), the Mesa 3D Graphics library, apitrace (tools for tracing OpenGL), VOGL (OpenGL debugger), LunarGLASS, and LunarGoo.

Our 3D graphics professionals have extensive OpenGL experience, including working with the Mesa library, developing open‐source and proprietary drivers, and developing for a range of operating systems (Linux, Windows, Android, SteamOS) on a variety of platforms (mobile, console, embedded, and desktop).

We provide optional support and warranties for our services, so you can rest assured your solution is backed by professional 3D graphics experts after launch.

OpenGL 3D Graphics Driver Implementation Services

LunarG has helped a wide‐range of IHVs with enhancing existing driver architectures to provide additional functionality, more features, and improved driver performance.

Whether it is keeping up with the latest API specifications, refactoring for maintainability, building out new capabilities, or fixing defects, LunarG has the technical expertise to solve your driver issues.

Many enhancements require both core driver and shader compiler experience. We have deep experience in both, so you can bring new functionality to life.

OpenGL Software, Tools, and Driver Performance Tuning Services

LunarG has more experience with 3D graphics software and driver tuning than any other independent driver team in the industry. We know how to find the hot spots and address them.

Get the most out of your graphics by tuning to many different parameters, including balancing performance and power enhancements for mobile applications, up to pure performance tuning for workstation applications.

Whether you need to adapt an open-source OpenGL driver or create a proprietary driver, our developers work with you to find the best solution for your implementation.

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