LunarG 2019 Vulkan ecosystem survey closed. Results posted in February

By |2020-01-17T09:19:19-07:00January 17th, 2020|News|

Thanks to those who completed LunarG's recent 2019 Vulkan API ecosystem survey. We are analyzing the feedback and will be sharing key learnings with the Vulkan working group. Look for a post later in February linking to the final survey results and analysis.

Device Buffer Address Validation Added to Vulkan GPU-AV White Paper

By |2019-10-03T16:04:08-06:00October 3rd, 2019|News|

LunarG updates the GPU-Assisted Validation white paper to reflect two new additions: 1) buffer device address validation and 2) information about the compatibility of line and source info generated by dxc as it would be consumed by the GPU-Assisted validation. LunarG originally released GPU-Assisted validation with the Vulkan SDK 1.1.97. These two new features are released [...]

New Automatic Relaxed Precision White Paper for SPIR-V

By |2019-09-26T10:13:12-06:00September 26th, 2019|News|

LunarG releases new RelaxedPrecision white paper for SPIR-V developers. This functionality is available along with the Vulkan SDK release.  Read on for more information about this new feature or read the details in the Automatic Relaxed Precision Decoration and Conversion in Spirv-opt white paper. […]

LunarG Releases New SDKs for Vulkan 1.1.121

By |2019-09-12T15:25:07-06:00September 12th, 2019|News|

LunarG releases new SDKs for Vulkan 1.1.121 that include the most recent extensions plus many new valuable features including GPU-assisted validation for buffer device address and options for spirv-opt to automatically convert SPIR-V shaders to use RelaxedPrecision semantics. […]

Vulkan Ecosystem SIGGRAPH Presentations Now Available

By |2019-08-26T13:38:51-06:00August 26th, 2019|News|

Did you miss SIGGRAPH or did you attend the Vulkan talks, but are now looking for the LunarG slide presentations? LunarG shared three Vulkan API, ecosystem-related, Birds of a Feather (BoF) presentations at SIGGRAPH 2019. Read on for more information and access to the slide sets. […]