LunarG releases the first Vulkan SDK for Mac.

Valve, LunarG, and the Brenwill Workshop join forces with Khronos to release the first open source SDK for Mac. For more information about the partnership that made this SDK possible, go to this Khronos release. This SDK supports Vulkan API revision 1.0.69 on macOS (MoltenVK subset).

A comprehensive list of the SDK features is listed below. To download the new SDK, go to the SDK section of the LunarXchange website. Much of the documentation for this SDK is contained in the Getting Started Guide found in the Documentation folder of this SDK and on the Docs section of the LunarXchange website.

Overview of new features in SDK

  • MoltenVK driver library that implements a subset of the Vulkan functionality
  • Content from the Vulkan LoaderAndValidationLayers repository ported to macOS:
    • Vulkan loader and headers (in standalone and Framework form)
    • Vulkan Validation Layers
    • Prebuilt Vulkan demos (cube, cubepp, smoketest, vulkaninfo) as macOS bundled applications
    • Prebuilt vulkaninfo for the command line
    • MoltenVK libraries and frameworks
    • It does not yet contain other Vulkan tools such as api_dump. These are planned to be added in the near future.
    • Source code for these tools is not included in the SDK. The repository will be updated with the macOS support within a few days of this SDK release.
  • Vulkan-related precompiled tools:
    • glslang
    • SPIRV-Tools
    • SPIRV-Cross
    • shaderc

Future enhancements for iOS

This SDK does not yet contain Vulkan Loader and Validation Layer support for iOS targets, but it is expected in the future.

Info about LunarG, Inc.

LunarG’s software engineering experts create innovative products and services for open source and commercial customers using leading-edge 3D graphics and compute technologies, including OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenXR, and SPIR-V. We have strengths in performance analysis and tuning, runtime and tools development, shader optimizations, driver development, and porting engines and applications to Vulkan. Our software engineering team is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. LunarG was founded by graphics experts who are passionate about 3D graphics.

For more information about LunarG, check out our website.