Why use Vulkan? What makes it better then OpenGL?

Vulkan was created as the result for a need for a new generation GPU API. GPUs are increasingly programmable and compute capable, plus platforms are becoming mobile, memory-unified, and multi-core. GPUs will accelerate graphics and compute across diverse platforms. Hence there was a need for flexibility and portability.

As a result, the Vulkan API is Explicit (opens up the high-level driver abstraction to give direct, low-level GPU control), Streamlined (faster performance, lower overhead, less latency), and Portable (cloud, desktop, console, mobile, and embedded).

To gain the benefits that the Vulkan API provides, more work and responsibility is put into the application. Not every developer or application will need to make that investment. For many situations, OpenGL will remain the most effective API. If your application isn’t CPU bound, you don’t put a premium on avoiding hitches, and you won’t do whatever it takes to squeeze out maximum performance, then OpenGL is still a good choice.

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