Is there any benefit to having multi-thread command submission for Vulkan?

If you have multiple queues, it might make sense to submit work to each queue from different threads. Serialize on a single queue, then have multiple threads submitting to a single queue if it’s convenient in your app.

If you just have multiple threads to submit, synchronization is a problem. There’s probably no real benefit to doing that.

It’s a design intent of Vulkan that submit is supposed to be very cheap. The heavy lifting is done at command buffer construction time, so the expected model for a given render target is to multi-thread the command buffer construction like crazy, but then if you marshal all of those and have a single thread submit them, that’s not going to hurt you. It’s not going to be the top pull.

Also, If an application remains single threaded, you can still expect CPU performance improvements and the stuttering improvements and so on that Vulkan offers. Multi-thread it is not a requirement to reap the benefits of Vulkan.

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